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Product Details

Signature Weight

Our Stainless Steel Record Center Weight will work with all VPI turntable models and most other turntable brands. Flattens the vinyl effectively while dissipating vibrations. Able to help stabilize slightly warped records.

~27-Oz, 1.6-Lbs, 760-Grams

Deluxe Clamp

Designed only for VPI turntables with a threaded spindle. This Delrin Clamp has a Stainless Steel upper half and knob fir added mass and resonance control. Helps lower the noise floor which provides significant dynamic improvements. Also helps stabilize slightly warped records.

Delrin Clamp

Solid Delrin Deluxe One Piece Record Clamp. Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. This clamp helps reduce the effect of external vibration from interacting with the stylus. It can also help reduce record warpage and create a tighter seal between record and platter.

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