2112 (LP)


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RUSH's 4th album, 1st released in 1976, recounts a dystopian future set in 2112 Most fans consider 2112 the band's definitive album Certified triple-platinum, 2112 is #2 on Rolling Stone's `Your Favorite Prog Rock Albums of All Time' 2015 is all about 12 Months of RUSH on vinyl! Newly-remastered on heavyweight vinyl at Abbey Road from original analogue masters All LPs include digital download cards Titles will be advertised both online and in select print

Product Specifications:

Label : Universal Music Canada
Number of discs : 1

Track Listings:

1. Overture
2. The Temples Of Syrinx
3. Discovery
4. Presentation
5. Oracle: The Dream
6. Soliloquy
7. Grand Finale
8. A Passage To Bangkok
9. The Twilight Zone
10. Lessons
11. Tears
12. Something For Nothing

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