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Product Details & Specifications: 

The new C-2450 was launched, inheriting the superior technologies from Accuphase flagship Preamplifier C-3850 and C-2850. Thoroughly seeking the ultimate in the high fidelity music playback, Accuphase is confident that the C-2450 will draw you into the world of true musical performance and soak up the inspired ambience. C-2450 is the 4th generation high-end pre-amplifier descended from brilliant C-2400 series. C-2450’s technical feature is 10 % lower noise performance than C-2420, achieved by the improved AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) volume control circuit.

The utterly smooth feel of the volume control assembly and a top plate of brushed aluminum with a hairline finish, demonstrate a level of dedication and hands-on craftsmanship that pervades every aspect of this preamplifier. Each C-2450 is individually honed to provide nothing short of perfection. Precision Stereo Preamplifier.

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