Best Of (LP)


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Product Details

From the all-female rock band The Runaways comes an updated vinyl compilation featuring 13 of the band’s top hits. ‘Best Of The Runaways’ includes remastered audio and the career defining single “Cherry Bomb,” the song that took singer Joan Jett’s career to the next level.

Product Specifications:

Label : Universal Music
Number of discs : 1

Track Listings:

1. Cherry Bomb (Side A)
2. Blackmail (Side A)
3. I Love Playin' With Fire (Side A)
4. Born To Be Bad (Side A)
5. Take It Or Leave It (Side A)
6. Queens Of Noise (Side A)
7. You Drive Me Wild (Live Version) (Side A)
8. School Days (Side B)
9. Wait For Me (Side B)
10. Wasted (Side B)
11. Don't Go Away (Side B)
12. Waitin' For The Night (Side B)
13. C'Mon (Side B)

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