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Top-flight turntables demand the best possible ancillaries – and given the costs involved in the best record decks, tonearms and cartridges, any comprise in the performance of the interconnects is a false economy of the worst kind. Likewise, given the fragility of the signal generated, the potential for damage is even greater than with any other source component. The Tyr tonearm cable represents the top of the Norse Series tonearm options. It matches precisely arranged dual micro mono-filament conductors with WBT’s NextGen connectors to preserve the astonishing levels of coherent information and musical nuance that only the best vinyl sources can produce. With even lower propagation delay and superior mechanical damping compared to the other Norse tonearm leads, the Tyr tonearm cable delivers the most natural and musical performances you’ll ever have heard from your turntable – short of Valhalla or Odin of course. This is one upgrade you really owe your record player – and yourself. 

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