Life (LP)


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Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve. Digitally remastered edition of this 1995 album by Swedish popsters The Cardigans. Life is the second studio album of The Cardigans. It was released worldwide in 1995 and was an international success, especially in Japan, where it achieved platinum status. Outside of Sweden and Japan (where debut Emmerdale had been released in 1994), the album was released as their first album as a compilation of tracks from both Emmerdale and Life. It was released in the United States under the label Minty Fresh Records.

Product Specifications:

Label : Universal Music
Number of discs : 1

Track Listings:

1. Carnival (Side A)
2. Gordon's Gardenparty (Side A)
3. Daddy's Car (Side A)
4. Pikebubbles (Side A)
5. Tomorrow (Side A)
6. Beautiful One (Side A)
7. Travelling with Charley (Side B)
8. Fine (Side B)
9. Sunday Circus Song (Side B)
10. Hey! Get Out of My Way (Side B)
11. Closing Time (Side B)

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