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The Mies p50 phono preamplifier continues the incredible genre redefining value of started by the i100 integrated. This mini phono preamp is the next step in performance beyond the built in circuit inside the i100. Featuring a 2-stage gain circuit with dedicated components and power supply, the p50 gives about 50% more performance than the already excellent i100 internal stage.

The resulting sound has lower noise, more dynamic range, more punch and body, more midrange naturalness and more fine detail on the highs. This little gem will outperform most phono stages under $1000.

Connection is simple. Attach your turntable RCA cables to the input, and use any RCA cables from the output to go to a spare auxiliary input on your amp. Using almost no power, the unit may be left on 24/7 and hidden away behind your turntable or amp for an invisible solution. But, with the standard Mies minimalist beauty, it might be nice to put it on prideful display!

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