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Listening to vinyl is a unique experience unlike any other. NAD’s C 556 Turntable accentuates this experience by producing a phenomenal sound that both grips and moves vinyl lovers everywhere. Building on past designs, the C 556 reduces speed variations thanks to a precision main bearing and low vibration motor. Employing NAD’s compression moulded Phenolic Resin platter, the C 556 releases every last nuance of energy present in your valued LP recordings. By diminishing the size and number of mechanical joints in the newly designed tone arm, energy-absorbing mass is kept at a minimum. Less mass allows the C 556’s tonearm to accurately track vinyl records and limit the amount of perceptible distortion. The included cartridge is aligned at the factory for perfect tracking and easy setup, resulting in a turntable that will have you falling in love with your vinyl collection all over again. • Belt Drive Turntable • Selectable 33 1/3rpm or 45rpm • Pre-mounted Audio-Technica AT 91BL cartridge • Precision main bearing and low vibration motor • Phenolic Resin platter • Low mass energy-absorbing tonearm • <0.5W Standby Power Consumption

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