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Carefully curated and cultivated, a digital music library is the road map to one’s life. No song is there by accident, and each one represents an intimate feeling or memory. Where once a person’s music library was trapped on their computer, the NAD DAC 2 sets it free. Our fun yet simple solution lets you listen to any music stored on your computer, with the option to stream it to your high performance NAD system. Point-to-point wireless technology also means you can plug in the two-piece DAC 2 and start enjoying the music on your computer, including 24/96 music files without compression or hassle.

• Transmits uncompressed 24/96 music
• Point-to-point wireless audio USB DAC
• USB wireless Transmitter with 3 RF channels (selectable)
• Wireless receiver with stereo (analog) and Coax (digital) outputs
• Range up to 120 feet, 75 feet typical in home
• Delta-sigma 24/192 DAC
• Selected audio OPAmps for excellent sound quality
• External power supply for Receiver
• Detachable USB cable for Transmitter

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