OKKI NOKKI Record Cleaning Machine


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Product Details

OKKI NOKKI (RCM) Record Cleaning Machine


  • Heavy-duty turntable and vacuum cleaning system
  • Cool running record cleaner that allows for hours of use 
  • Forward and reverse motor for deep scrubbing cleaning action
  • Compact aluminum chassis
  • Suction arm is extremely effective in removing dirt and fluid producing perfect record playback
  • Available in white or black colours
  • Built-in safety features prevent fluid being sucked into the vacuum motor and the turntable motor overheating.
  • Comes complete with record cleaning fluid and goat hair brush.
  • Dimensions: 13" x 16" x 13"Quiet vacuum motor.
  • Vacuum tubes for 10" and 7" records available.
  • Made with the highest build values.

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