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Product Details

• Our ZoneMaster models are very similar in their feature sets, differing mainly in size and number of channels.
Looking for more channels? Try the 1250 or 650. Fewer? 250.
• Universal amplifier for applications from 50 to 200 watts
• 4 speaker connections (not enough room for additional Phoenix connectors on ZM450 rear panel)
• High current for stable operation at 2 Ohms
• Channel pairs are bridgeable for up to 200 watts @ 4 Ohms
• Class AB input stage plus premium Class D power stage
• Independent audio sensing triggers, one for each zone
• 2 Independent 12 volt trigger inputs, one for each zone
• Looping 12 volt trigger outputs for each zone
• Master 12 volt trigger input to turn all zones on-off
• Speaker level input for expanding systems w/out pre out jacks
• Bus loop output jacks for passing audio to another amp
• Mono mode combines L and R for single speaker applications
• Separate level controls for all four channels
• Detachable speaker connectors accept up to 12 gauge wire
• Short circuit and overheat protection with front panel indicators
• 0.9 watt standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs
• ZoneMaster 450 Specific Features
• Compact 1u, 1/2 width chassis size
• Rack mount kit sold separately (click to view)
• Does NOT have A/B outputs (no room on the rear panel for connectors) but is 2 Ohm stable

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