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This powerful three way design features a 7” mid-range and 12” woofer allowing it to move air like few other flagship loudspeakers can. The result is a breath-taking recreation of a live performance with a glorious full scale sound.

The SP100R2 is an evolution of the Spendor BC3, S100, S100P, SP100 and SP100R loudspeaker systems. These have been recipients of numerous awards: the prestigious French Diapason d'or and the Japanese 'Component of the year' accolade to name but two. The Spendor SP100R2 continues to set the standard by which other full-size loudspeakers must be judged.

The SP100R2 is a testament to Spendor's unique understanding of cabinet design. Critical positioning of the drive units and internal enclosures control and reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum.

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