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Music is an art form that needs to be experienced in all its beauty, detail, and nuance without the colouration that can instantly detract from its purest essence. A truly great loudspeaker design enables the speaker system to remove itself from the soundscape and present the music in a manner that envelopes you in the same way as a live performance.

In the 1970s TANNOY created a range of monitors that forever changed the way studio engineers and audiophiles alike chose to experience high quality audio. The TANNOY HPD Series quickly became some of the most beloved Hi-Fi loudspeakers of all time.

More than just a homage to its predecessor, the Legacy Series ARDEN Floor-Standing 15" Hi Fi Loudspeaker further elevates the TANNOY HPD heritage of outstandingly transparent performance with the implementation of new, upscaled drivers and components – technology that was unavailable at the time. Simply put, ARDEN delivers legendary HPD performance to a new generation of music aficionados.


  • Heritage 2 way floor-standing loudspeaker based on famous HPD design for large rooms.
  • Original cabinet design and components provide a genuine reproduction of the break-though product.
  • Dual Concentric driver based on the famous HPD 1974 pedigree technology provides class-leading coherence and point-source imaging.
  • Sophisticated crossover network with 2 separate channels perfectly complements the Dual Concentric driver for a truly natural sound.
  • Front mounted control panel houses a 2 band energy control with boost and attenuation compensation for room design and tailoring to personal preference.
  • Highly efficient 15" driver with 600 Watt power handling delivers breath-taking dynamics and realism.
  • Wide frequency range with excellent transient response results in natural reproduction and an almost total lack of colouration.
  • Heavy duty 24 carat multi-layer gold plated Tannoy customized binding posts for optimum signal transmission and integrity.
  • 8 mm floor coupling spikes provide stability and dissipate unwanted energy.
  • Fifth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio frequency interference and improve mid range clarity.
  • High density cabinet provides extreme rigidity to control low frequency performance.
  • Extensive bracing incorporating DMT (Differential Materials Technology) to couple drivers to cabinets.
  • Tannoy - 90 years of British sound heritage and innovation.
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.



Sensitivity: 93 dB

Nominal impedance (ohm): 8

Frequency response (-6 dB):  35 Hz – 30 kHz

Power handling: 600 W peak, 150 W RMS

Dimensions (H x W x D):  35.8” x 23.7” x 14.25”

Weight:  90 lb

Finish: Oiled Walnut


Single speaker price. Must be purchased in pairs.




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