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You need more clean headroom? The new Tung-Sol 7581A vacuum tube is the answer. This tube is an upgraded 6L6GC tube but willprovide more headroom than typical 6L6GC tubes. The 7581-A tube has a plate dissipation rating of 35W, as opposed to the 6L6GC and 7581 rating of 30W. The 7581A tube can be used in any 6L6 based tube circuit.

From our review: "Balanced, is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the sound. Other descriptive words would include detailed, rich and responsive. The bass response, midrange and treble were very balanced and the EQ could essentially be left flat.Very rich sounding with enough shimmer and harmonics to put a smile on my face."

A fantastic choice for your Fender tube amp, Ampeg amps normally using 7027A tubes, Music Man amps, or any other 6L6 based tube amp where you need to increase headroom.

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