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Product Details & Specifications:

AD-2900 is the dedicated phono equalizer unit. Analog records can be reproduced with high quality by installing AD-2900 in a rear-panel slot. The AD-2900 features separate input circuitry for MC and MM cartridges to ensure optimum matching and realize outstanding S/N ratio. 2 sets of analog-player input jacks, the AD1 and AD2 are equipped, and their selections are switchable with the INPUT selector of pre-amplifiers.


  • Contains equalizer units with boards using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin with totally separated left / right channels
  • Ideal MC/MM independent input circuit to achieve high noise performance
  • Differential-style equalizer for high-precision RIAA characteristics
  • Two input terminals to connect up to two tone arms
  • Functions that can be operated from the front panel
  • Memory settings for each input terminal
  • Robust aluminum case to shield against external noise
  • MC Gain : 64 / 70 dB switching Input impedance : 10 / 30 / 100 / 200 / 300 ohms switching
  • MM Gain : 34 / 40 dB switching Input impedance : 47 kilohms ratedDifferential amplifier circuit with ultra low noise bipolar-transistors for MC cartridges.

Compatibility with other pre-amplifiers (C-2820/C-2420 etc)

AD-2900 is
It can also be used for C2850/C-2820/C-2810/C-2800/C-2450/C-2420/C-2410/C-2400/C-290V/C-290.

Input Input Sensitivity Input Impedance
MC 64/70dB 10/30/100/200/300Ω
MM 34/40dB 47kΩ

Regardless of the preamplifier model, the gain is MC: 64/70 dB and MM: 34/40 dB.

Please note that it is different from the display of the gain switching switch when mounted on the following models.
C-2820, C-2810, C-2800,C-2420、C-2410、C-240

Load impedance that can be selected while the MC input varies depending on the model of the preamplifier.

Model Gain
C-2900 10/30/100/200/300Ω
C-2850/C-2820/C-2450/C-2420 10/30/100/300Ω
C-2810/C-2800/C-2410-C-2400/C-290V/C-290 10/30/100Ω

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