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Jupiter Series Io phono stage and Callisto linestage are available in (and factory upgradable to) an Eclipse Edition. The Eclipse transformation takes already industry standard setting products to a whole new level of performance. Io, Callisto and their respective power supply receive enhanced internal parts, improved chassis construction, and stunning customizable casework.

Stealthcap Capacitors

Musical signals passing through a capacitor are blurred or clouded as signal reflections bouncing off the capacitor plate corrupt the original musical signal. StealthCap capacitors created by Peter Moncrief aim to cure this problem by dramatically reducing reflections along the capacitor plate. The "Stealth Technology" is made possible by a combination of laborious precision handiwork and costly exotic materials including new conductors, dielectrics, and composite resins. The resulting signal has a quieter background, rich and detailed spatial imaging, time focused musical coherence, and a broader more impactful dynamic range. The Io Eclipse uses eight .22uF / 600v Stealth coupling capacitors made of exotic copper foil. These are used between the second and third gain stages, and the third gain stage and output stage. The Io and Callisto Eclipse output stages also use eight 4uF / 400v Stealth capacitors in a unique balanced configuration.

Chassis Construction

Eclipse Edition chassis feature an extremely rigid and acoustically damped design, delivering new levels of articulation and clarity. Three separate side and top panels are machined from aluminum billet. Each panel is constrain layer damped with advanced 3M adhesives, requiring a labor intensive application of heat and pressure for proper mating. Advanced interlock material and machine screws are used to attach the panels for easy tube access. Harmonic Resolution Systems Nimbus Couplers, specially made for Aesthetix, are used to intimately couple the chassis with the equipment rack, greatly reducing mechanical noise.


The Io may optionally be configured with volume controls and a line-level input, suitable for a CD player or other line-level source.

The volume controls are dual mono and identical to those in the Callisto. Each volume control consists of four silver contact Shallco 46 position switches ganged together in a unique configuration. Each switch consists of 46 Roederstein resistors for a total of 184 Roederstein resistors per channel! All other volume controls sound different at lower levels than they do at higher levels, due to non-linear elements or the number of solder connections and resistors the signal must traverse. Aesthetix unique configuration means that the sound quality is the same at lower levels as at high levels.

With the option of volume controls comes a high level input. This input is balanced or single-ended, with both XLR and RCA jacks provided. A single-ended input will be balanced by the Io.

Any Io, of any version or age, may have volume controls added as a factory upgrade.

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