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BDR Pyramid Cones are perhaps the most flexible component in the BDR lineup and are the basic building blocks of the BDR system.  They are in most cases, the initial interface in a vibration control system, and should be the first pieces utilized in developing your setup.  Remarkably effective on their own, Pyramid Cones greatly enhance the performance of all other BDR products.

We have found that different types of components frequently require different characteristics of the same basic structure for optimal performance; hence the MK3 and Mk4 versions.  Pyramid Cones are available in two different versions: MK3 and MK4.

The MK3 has a slightly warmer tonal balance, with a little extra emphasis on the bottom end.  

The MK4 is slightly more detailed with greater top octave extension.  

A general guideline is to start with the MK3 cone under solid state or digital equipment, and the Mk4 Cones under tube equipment.  In addition, the cones may be mixed and matched to taste:

 System slightly too warm?  Add a single Mk4 Cone for a little extra air and detail.  

 Just a touch too detailed?  Add a single Mk3 for a touch of warmth.

 **If mixing cones, a Mk3 is usually preferred under the power supply.

 **It is advisable to try both types of structures, particularly the Pyramid Cones, to see what works best in your system.
 **If you are using BDR Pyramid Cones with a BDR Shelf, invert the cones, so that the flat face is on the Shelf and the component is resting on the rounded tip.  The Pyramid Cones may be inverted if desired.

The proper placement will significantly affect the performance of the cones so the rule of thumb is the tip of the cone towards the resonant surface.  For example, under a CD transport sitting on an MDF shelf, the tips of the cones should be pointing down.


BDR Cones are 1" high by 1.618" wide with a rounded tip and 1/4"-20 threaded.

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