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THE PEARL AKOYA, a coaxial wireless speaker

Direct descendant of the high resolution streaming speaker THE PEARL, THE PEARL AKOYA is both a jewel in terms of design and technology.

This speaker is suitable for rooms between 20 – 35 m2.



Its compactness is unrivaled thanks to its tri-coaxial design and its specific bass loudspeaker. THE PEARL AKOYA, created and developed in Brittany in Northern France offers exceptional acoustic quality and power that is comparable to that of a classical orchestra, all from a small package.


THE PEARL AKOYA is a versatile piece of kit and in addition to the most common streaming services directly implemented in the StreamCONTROL (Android/iOS) application, it offers voice control, multiroom and a connection to your vinyl, CD or TV decks and it also features automatic calibration.


THE PEARL AKOYA integrates perfectly with the StreamControl Cabasse multiroom system, and allows you to play the same music in several rooms simultaneously, or different music on your Cabasse WiFi speakers.

The sound can be redistributed from a Bluetooth® connection or from the sound input to multiroom. It enables hubless HD streaming technology at 80 microseconds. Enjoy playback of all your audio files, from MP3 to ultra-high definition files (stored at home on hard drives/computers) to internet radio or specialized services.

A custom made stand is also available for THE PEARL AKOYA.

A dedicated wall bracket enables you to fix THE PEARL AKOYA to any wall.


Because it is important to share one’s passions and emotions at home as well as on holiday, a carry case is provided with the THE PEARL AKOYA. This transport case is made to measure for minimum space requirement and maximum protection when you travel. High-fidelity music on the move. 


THE PEARL AKOYA comes with a streamlined and ergonomically designed Bluetooth remote control with a refined finish.

It enables you to easily and intuitively control the speaker wirelessly: adjust the volume by rotating the ring, select the input type, play, and pause, and select a radio station or your favorite piece of music, etc.

“I can report that I am actually very pleasantly enamoured with the Akoya. Not only would it look gorgeous in my bedroom, or anywhere, but the sound quality was very surprising for such a small size, especially the bass.”

– Janine Elliot, HiFi Pig

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“Is Cabasse’s Pearl Akoya “lifestyle?” Is it a true portable? Is it really high end? It’s actually the sum of all those things. And it’s something more—add a high-resolution streaming service, and it becomes a fully self-contained, high-performance system, and with that, you’re done, fini.”

– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound

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