Product Details

Evolution II High Performance Audio Digital Cable


• Finished with beautifully engineered High Performance FP-701M(G) and FP-702F(G) XLR connectors 
• Shield: 0.12 mm α (Alpha) conductor wire braid
• Cable insulated with polypropylene reducing capacitance and damping vibration
• Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare

Here’s What The Critics Say
“My first overall impression [of the Evolution cables] was one of control. …It was as though I could feel that there was something holding the music firmly within its grasp and allowing the system to reproduce more effectively the intensity, fabric and overall visceral impact that one might expect in a live environment.“The sound I heard was simply put spectacular. The system’s ability to take the intensity of the music and blend it with the subtle nuances of particularly difficult passages allowed for a listening experience that I am somewhat unaccustomed to hearing from my system in general.“ … Extremely lifelike and palpable without being overly dominate or forward sounding. … The noise floor was lowered and I was able to hear a rich harmony of musical instruments that did not overwhelm the passage with excess noise or distortion.The Evolution Digi cable, as one might expect from a company that is dedicated to the betterment of all types of signals and currents is a standout for me. I can honestly say that all digital cables are not created equally and their ability to once again control and accurately pass signal is paramount to their success. In the case of this particular cable it did so in such a way that I found with it in my home theater system, I was able to hear parts of movies in surround sound that I never knew were there.“ … wholeheartedly recommend these cables to someone looking for more from their present system.-- Brett Rudolph, Enjoy the Music.com®

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