Furutech Alpha-S14 Speaker Cables OCC Copper


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Product Details

Alpha-S14 is a 15awg High End speaker cable using the highest quality OCC copper conductors available in the market. This cable has some similar audio traits as that of the larger Alpha-S25 cable, naturalness with tight bottom extensions. A cable that will outperform cables 5 times the cost.
The α(Alpha) OCC Conductor wire strands are treated with the Furutech's α(Alpha) process - Deep cryogenic and demagnetization of all metal parts

• Conductor: α(Alpha)-OCC Copper Fine Strand Conductors
• Insulation: Special Polyethylene (Red, White)
• Twisting: 2 Cores with Cotton fillers twisted Together
• Barrier Layer: Paper Tape Wrap
• Jacket: Ultra Flexible Pb Free PVC (Light Blue)
• Max. Conductor Resistance: 0.0135 Ω/M
• Overall Diameter: 8.9 mm (15 AWG)

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