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"I love the Harbeth P3ESR. I think it's the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A minimonitor concept." - John Atkinson

"There's a freewheeling quality to the P3ESR's sound that I find irresistible. Voices and instruments sound more completely present and full-bodied than they do with many speakers, even bigger and more expensive ones."

- Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"...they offer the cleanest window onto the music that I have had the pleasure of ever hearing from a small speaker."

- Patrick Dillon, HiFi Zine

"These are startlingly good loudspeakers with a genealogy longer than most champions’. One can pair them with very good electronics far more expensive than the boxes." - Wojciech Pacuła

The best bookshelf speaker ever made. 

The all-new RADIAL coned Harbeth P3ESR is the ultimate mini monitor, the latest in a lineage that stretches back 30 years to the original Harbeth P3 and even further to the BBC's pioneering LS3/5A. A generation of home users and studio professionals have relied on these Harbeth minis to fill even the smallest room with a full, warm, natural sound. 

These were originally designed for small recording studios and mobile recording trucks to monitor on-location live sound. Everything from TV to live rock bands have been recorded by hundreds of engineers over the past 30 years. Every type of material must be reproduced accurately so that the engineer knows what is being broadcast to the listeners. The benchmark for the people who made all these recordings is available to you in your own home to hear exactly what they heard when they hit record.

A sealed box design, the P3ESR can be placed anywhere, even in a bookshelf and it still maintains its peerlessly accurate midrange and deep controlled bass. For optimum sound, use on heavy stands between 24 and 26" high (depending on your couch height). 

The P3ESR is easy to drive. Any amp of 35+ watts will have no problem providing beautifully accurate full range sound. We have some customers with limited budgets who put 80% of the investment into a pair of P3ESR and 20% into a modest amplifier. The speaker sings. Others with more means typically pair the finest tube and solid state amps up to $50,000. There is NO limit to the resolution and quality that the P3ESR can reproduce, only your careful selection of the most capable sources and amplifier.

Speakers are unlikely to progress further than this. Buy confidently that you will enjoy the world's finest bookshelf for the rest of your life.

Technical specifications: 

Frequency response: 75Hz-20kHz ± 3dB free space, grille on, smooth off-axis response.

Impedance: 6Ω - easy load

Sensitivity: 83dB/2.7v/1m axial

Dimensions: 306 x 190 x 184mm (hwd)

Weight: 6.1kg

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