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L82 CLASSIC Black Edition

8-inch (200mm) 2-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Retro look, modern facelift. JBL Classic Series Loudspeakers are now available in a brand new limited edition finish. 

With the Black Edition Appearance package, the enclosures of L82 are treated to a multi-step, labor-intensive painting process that starts with a black base coat and ends with a luxurious high-gloss finish, resulting in a mirror-like exterior that reflects its surroundings. 

The high-gloss process also provides a subtle radius to the edges of the cabinet, giving it a softer look overall. To compliment the black cabinets, the passive hi-fi models feature special gold labels on the front around the attenuator level controls and on the rear above the input terminal cup. Black Quadrex foam grilles are accented with unique gold JBL badges to visually identify these models as special-edition products. 

For the larger L100 and L82 passive loudspeakers, the Black Edition Performance Package includes an upgraded woofer design that benefits from improvements to its linearity, which helps reduce distortion. The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been treated to refinements that deliver higher levels of performance.

Additional upgrades include a change to the crossover design to provide dual inputs for use in bi-wiring applications, while a new input terminal cup includes dual sets of premium gold-plated binding post terminals for a secure connection to a variety of loudspeaker cable and connector types.


The JBL L82 Classic is a compact bookshelf loudspeaker featuring JBL’s advanced acoustic technologies, in combination with the iconic retro-inspired style of its larger family member: the L100 Classic. 

Its design honours the storied legacy of the many historic JBL 8" 2-way speakers with its iconic 8-inch (200mm) 2-way configuration, but with all new drivers, crossover network, enclosure, and features to bring the design up to the highest 21st-century performance standards. Utilizing a compact footprint, the L82 Classic features advanced JBL transducers including the JW200PW-6 Pure Pulp cone woofer and the JT025TI1-4 Titanium tweeter. 

The L82 Classic improves upon the performance of past JBL 8" 2-way models, going back to the 70s, with its exceptional dynamic range and contrast, clean and effortless high output, and precise high impact bass.

With its modern engineering, the L82 Classic has great detail resolution across the full bandwidth, very low distortion, and very lifelike on- and off-axis stereo imaging, justifying its place as the smaller brother to the L100 Classic.

Beneath this compelling exterior lie modern acoustic components that deliver stunning sound sure to please any music lover.

For pristine and detailed high frequencies, the L82 Classic utilizes a 1-inch (25mm) Titanium dome tweeter mated with a waveguide – the same captivating high-frequency components found in the larger L100 Classic. A high-frequency L-pad attenuator allows the user to tailor the sound as desired. As a 2-way design, the L82 Classic uses a powerful 8-inch (200mm) cast-frame, white pure pulp cone woofer operating in a bass-reflex design with a front-firing tuned port.

Despite its relatively smaller size, the L82 Classic provides dynamic and authoritative sound even in larger spaces.

The accessory JS-80 floor stands allow the L82 Classic to be used in a freestanding environment with the loudspeaker angling gently backwards to focus the sound to the listening position.

In the storied tradition of JBL 8-inch 2-way loudspeakers, the L82 Classic is sure to become a favourite of listeners around the world.


General Specifications
Speaker Type 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker
Low Frequency Driver Size and Material 8" (200mm) Pure Pulp cone woofer (JW200PW-6)
High Frequency Driver Size and Material 1" (25mm) Titanium dome tweeter (JT025TI1-4)
Recommended Amplifier Power 25 - 150 WRMS
Impedance 8 Ohm
Loudspeaker Sensitivity 88 dB (2.83V/1m)
Frequency Response 44 Hz-40 kHz (-6 dB)
Crossover Frequency 1.7 kHz
Enclosure Type Front-ported bookshelf
Dimensions with grille (H x W x D) 18.61" x 11.06" x 12.42" (472.8mm x 281mm x 315.5mm)
Controls HF level control
Speaker Weight (each) 27.9 lb (12.7 kg)

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