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BDR'S JUMBO is designed for use with the biggest, heaviest components, has a special combination of height and width giving it exceptional stability and outstanding vibration control capabilities. Thicker than a Source Board, but only 3.5" wide, Jumbos are a flexible & cost effective alternative to a large Source Board, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Jumbos work exceptionally well under Reference level components, heavier speakers, large subwoofers, racks and we even recommend Jumbos be used as amp stands for large amplifiers. Add a set of BDR PYRAMID CONES for even greater isolation.  Jumbos provide world class vibration control at a very reasonable priceThere is virtually no application a Jumbo cannot be used for. With virtually no upper weight restriction and a seemingly limitless ability to remove haze and grunge from anything it supports, Jumbos reveal the absolute blackest backgrounds, deepest sound staging and rock-solid images. Available in two configurations, Pit or Puck: Pits are the more flexible design, 1/4"-20 tapped on one side and dimpled on the other for use as a cone cup; Pucks are 1/4"-20 tapped on both sides. The building blocks of BDR’s vibration control system, Jumbos are based on the same technology used to create BDR's flagship product, the Shelf. Jumbos are extremely effective when used on their own and when used in conjunction with Cones or a Shelf offer even greater performance.

 Dimensions: 3 1/2" Diameter x 1 1/2" Tall

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