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For nearly 30 years, Krell has designed and built some of the most powerful high-current amplifiers in existence. Our power amps have become standard bearers for performance in their categories.

For roughly 20 of those years, devoted audiophiles looking to extract every drop of performance out of them have been turning to after-market producers of power cables for our amps.

Being deliberate, careful thinkers, it finally occurred to us that perhaps Krell ought to design and manufacture its own AC power cables. After all, we've already created countless power supply designs for CD players, preamplifiers, and surround processors - in addition to our amplifiers. Krell knows first-hand the demands that high-current audio components place on AC power lines and cables. We thoroughly understand the complexities of large capacity power transformers and the negative effects weak or noisy AC power mains has on sound and picture quality. It is this knowledge that drove us to design a power cable that guarantees that the first connection to a Krell component is as thoroughly engineered as the electronics within the chassis. That's something virtually no other power cables manufacturer can say.

So it is with deep pride, after many years, that we are pleased to introduce the Krell of power cables: The Krell Vector HC. The first and only power cables engineered to the same rigorous standards as Krell electronics, and the first to address the total AC needs of high-current components.

You will instantly hear improvements in bass definition and control. Image outlines are more defined with greater elegance and finesse in the upper octaves. Use Vector HC in your video system and the results are equally compelling.

Technology Highlights
Engineered like signal cables, Hot and Neutral leads are twisted together at a precise rotational angle and twist rate, optimizing the relationship between resistance, capacitance, and inductance. Inductance, enemy of high current demand events, resists changes in current flow. Vector HC minimizes inductance insuring unimpeded access to the available AC wall current. Simultaneously, capacitance is increased to reject high frequency noise voltage. For minimal noise emission and maximum noise rejection the two main conductors are wrapped in a foil shield as opposed to generic braided wire shield employed in many designs. A foil shield is more effective than a braided wire at shielding the frequency ranges that affect audio components. The ground conductor runs outside this power delivery package for better RF/EMI immunity.

Three Conductors of finely stranded Oxygen-free 11 AWG Copper make up the conductor complement. Each conductor is separately insulated in a Teflon based material providing a linear and predictable dielectric constant. A spiral sheath of individual fiberglass strands protects the conductors in a flexible yet strong framework. Providing increased mechanical stability, a clear PVC jacket secures the entire package.

Furutech power connectors, widely recognized as the industry leader, complete Vector HC cables. These connectors feature a unique, sprung metal bridge tying the various parts together, shunting any noise potential to ground and significantly reducing distortion for ultra clean and stable power transfer.

For enhanced conductivity, each conductor in the cable is terminated with a gold-plated pure copper spade lug before insertion into the Furutech connectors. Final connection to AC power is made using Rhodium-plated pure copper blade terminals. Rhodium, being harder than gold and more resistant to wear over time, insures high quality performance for years.

Connection Options
Krell Vector HC cables are available in standard 3ft and 6ft lengths with 15A or 20A rated IEC connectors. Vector HC wall plug options include USA, UK, and EU versions.

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