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The Linear Pro belongs to the league of first-class headphone amplifiers designed for professional studio applications. Based upon our best-selling Linear model, this device manufactured in small numbers is tailored to the needs of recording and mastering studios, convincing not only in numerous broadcasting companies and recording studios by its performance and reliability.

"What I hear with it, is on the record – and that is, what I want."

— Maarten de Boer, Mastering engineer

This fits you to a T: reliability and professionalism

If you often do recordings under difficult spatial conditions and need a reliable tool for an untiringly precise headphone work, the Linear Pro will perform at its best. The pro-audio version of our best-known and most popular headphone amp will support you with your daily studio routine and let you judge your recordings in a precise and dependable manner – irrespective of loudspeakers, room acoustics and ambience noises. Thus you can concentrate solely and tirelessly to the essentials: your recording.

"The linear is phenomenal. A whole new world of headphone work!"

— Friedemann Tischmeyer, Mastering engineer

Top-notch quality for your studio work

Due to its superb circuit design and selected components, the Linear Pro meets all requirements of professional users who are convinced by its low-artefact linear reproduction, its downright realistic spatial imaging and high transient accuracy. Furthermore, even headphones with a critical impedance are easily spurred on to absolute top performance. The Linear Pro’s balanced high headroom stereo input is equipped with Neutrik combo sockets which allow to connect both balanced and unbalanced signal sources.


Technical Data

The impressing technical details of the Linear Pro.

Linear Pro

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