Product Details

HTR 10 Remote Control

The HTR 10 Remote Control is designed to meet the current and future needs of home entertainment with key features such as punch-through volume, IR learning, macro, direct source access and channel volume adjustments. The cursor section of the HTR 10 is designed with surrounding buttons which allow for more effective navigation. As a response to the demand for channel adjustment within an Atmos theatre design, a button to allow for volume adjustment of height channels has been added.

The HTR 10 will serve as the remote control for all T 778 receivers in late 2022 as well as be available separately to serve prior legacy receiver models.

Summary of Features

  • Controls up to 5 Devices
  • Preprogrammed with all NAD remote commands
  • Learning function – learns up to 220 commands
  • Macro Operations – programs up to 48 Macros with as many as 64 commands each
  • Punch Through Operations – permits easy access to commonly used functions without reselecting a device
  • Back Lit (with adjustable time out) – for easy operation in low light conditions
  • Can generate IR signals with a carrier frequency up to 500 kHz

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