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When the SPU Royal N, SPU A and GM models were released in 1998 it was also done not to forget the basic Ortofon product in 40 years among the great number of other successful MC models - all being highly indebted to the original ideas in the SPU cartridge.

The SPU Royal N cartridge with its half inch adaptor has provided a new flexibility and ability for the customers in mounting the unit in headshells, as well as in a wider range of tonearms.
A key SPU feature is an integrated headshell, designed to mount directly into classic tonearms with detachable headshells - tonearms such as the SME 3009 and 3012, and other tonearms with similar "universal" tonearm mounts. Quite simply, there is no finer complement to a classic tonearm with a detachable headshell than an Ortofon SPU.

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