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Convert powerline noise into harmless light. The Noise Harvester reduces unwanted noise and helps clean your AC power.

Get noise right at the source. The Noise Harvester is the world’s only device that actually eliminates line noise from the home’s power lines. Filters and conditioners either shuffle the line noise away or provide some isolation for equipment, but they do NOT eliminate or remove power line noise. Only the Noise Harvester removes line noise and converts it to another form of energy, light! Give your power conditioner a fighting chance by lowering the noise floor of the power line in the first place. The more Harvesters you add, the lower your noise floor. The Harvester makes a significant improvement in sound quality.



Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Unless we choose to ignore it, we only have two choices: reroute it or converted it to another form of energy. That's exactly what PS Audio’s Noise Harvester™ does—not by defying the laws of physics, but by taking advantage of them. Typical power line filters either redirect the AC noise from hot to neutral or place a resistance between the AC source and the connected gear. They work well to block some portion of noise from the equipment, but they don’t lower noise on the AC line itself. Only the Noise Harvester collects the noise, removes it from the house power line and then converts it to light.


The Noise Harvester™ is a plug in module that can be placed on any AC receptacle. Once connected, the Noise Harvester begins to harvest and redirect the AC line noise into a storage tank and then converts it to light. Plug the Noise Harvester in and watch it go to work. Each blink of the Harvester LED is power line noise gone forever. It’s been converted to light. Harvesters work in parallel, each removing 8 to 10 watts of line noise each day. The more you have connected, the more wattage converted and the lower the noise on your power line.

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