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Product Details

Absorption and Reflection, all in one

The VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel is one of the leading solutions that Vicoustic offers in terms of the Absorption and Reflection Control System*. This is ideal to those who are striving for a balanced sound that can also, simultaneously, control any noise energy in a room, and still manage and create a living and bright sound in a particular setting.

Made with High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), a highly durable material, the VicPattern Ultra Wavewood panel is available in 8 different wood and metallic colors. Alongside this, the VicPattern Ultra Wavewood also uses our specially engineered PET wool, a sustainable material that maximizes the acoustic absorbing capabilities of the panel and contributes to Vicoustic’s aim to produce greener and more environmentally friendly products.

Supplied with VicFix J Profile 80mm for wall installation, this product can also be installed on the ceiling with the VicFix J Profile 2m, sold separately. For corner installation, use the VicFix Corner, sold separately.

- Construction with premium MDF and anti-scratch HPL.
- Polyurethane free
- Recyclable
- Reinforced packing
- Finish also on the sides
- Removable filling allows to integrate light
- Professional fixation systems

*ARCS - Absorption and Reflection Control System. The ARCS system is Vicoustic’s research model and has been developed to assist in acoustic absorption and diffusion combination solutions. This product incorporates the research undertaken by our technicians to achieve the optimal balance between the absorption area and the reflecting surface.

Main Info

Dimensions: 595x595x50mm

Raw Material: VicPET Wool, MDF and High-Pressure Laminate

Scratch Resistance: Yes

Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption and Diffusion

Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies

NRC: 0.70

Fire Rate

Europe: Tests in Progress

USA: Tests in Progress

Packaging Information

Units/Box: 3

Box Dimensions: 665x675x195mm / 26.2''x26.6''x7.8''

Box Gross Weight: 9.5kg


Accessories: VicFix J Profile 80mm (included); VicFix J Profile 2m (sold separately, without drilled holes), VicFix Corner (sold separately)


Please notice that the dimensions of these panels have a tolerance of +/- 2mm. A slight color variation may occur between different batches. The product images used are illustrative and may differ from the actual product.

This product can be used in front of loudspeakers, for aesthetic purposes. However, acoustically, it is likely to affect the radiation of such elements, since it is not acoustically transparent. Such use and resulting performance are the client/installer's responsibility.

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