Ref. 04A - Black
Ref. 22A - Grey
Ref. 23A - Light Grey
Ref. 40A - Musk Green
Ref. 82A - Beige
Ref. 87A - Nat. White
Ref. 92A - Brown
Ref. 99A - Blue
Ref. 117A - Pumpkin Orange

Product Details

Vixagon VMT is a perfect solution to cushion and reduce sound levels in a cost-effective way. Vicoustic’s standard patterns and solid colors for the Vixagon VMT are stylish and work in many different aesthetics and particularly in strongly designed architectural spaces. This product can be used on walls and ceilings and adapted easily owing to its unique shape. A smaller and more compact version of Vixagon, Vixagon Mini, is also available, offering all of the same acoustic solutions, just in a smaller and more manageable size to create more intricate and creative patterns. The Vixagons Mini are packed in a really innovative way: we are using the same material as the product itself as packaging material. This will give the bonus of having extra Diamond shapes that can be used in conjunction with your Vixagon to create your art-work.

Main Info
Dimensions: a) 700x606x20mm // b) 700x606x40mm // c) 350x303x20mm
Scratch Resistance: Yes
Washable: Yes

Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency Range: Medium / High Frequencies
NRC: 0,55

Fire Rate
Europe: Euroclass B - s2, d0
USA: Class A (ASTM-E84)
Canada: Can/ULCS102, Flame Spread Rating: 5, Smoke Develop: Class 115

Packaging Information
Units/Box: a) 12 units/box // b) 6 units/box // c) 36 units/box
Box Dimensions: 745 x 650 x 390mm // 745 x 645 x 240mm
Box Gross Weight: 7,4 kg

Place: Wall, Ceiling
Fixation: Flexi Glue Ultra

Please notice that the dimensions of these panels have a tolerance of +/- 2mm. A slight color variation may occur between different batches. The product images used are illustrative and may differ from the actual product.

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